Onboarding, Are You Doing It Right? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Onboarding, Are You Doing It Right? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Clever employers know that onboarding is vital in building staff retention, satisfaction and success. Are you doing it right? Take a look at this handy Infographic for onboarding tactics that’ll keep your employees happy and engaged.


How Softgarden Can Help Your Onboarding

The hiring process is of course only half of the battle, keeping your hard earned employee needs a fair amount of maintenance. Fortunately softgarden can help make it a little easier by letting you know exactly who’s starting and when.

If you need to remind yourself of your new hire’s history just take a look at their personal profile on your softgarden database. You can review their interview process, work experience, location and anything else you might need to prepare your employee for their first day.

Infographic made by softgarden on Piktochart

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