Coming soon: a brand new softgarden

Coming soon: a brand new softgarden

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As you probably noticed, softgarden has changed and it all looks different here.
We’ve been working on a new interface for our recruiting software for the past few months and just couldn’t wait to show you! Our recruitment software has a new, redesigned user interface to make your hiring experience even better. But some things never change, we are still aiming for the same thing:

E-Recruiting as easy as shopping on Amazon.

Recruiting with softgarden

Having both recruiters and candidates in mind, we are working towards the new definition of ‘easy online application’. It’s now possible to create mobile and desktop compatible job ad in a few clicks and then post it on numerous job boards like Monster and Stepstone with just a couple more. And you don’t have to dig deep in your pocket either, our packages are very affordable. The result: a chore-free application process for your candidates. They will be able to apply in just a few minutes as you can import complete CVs from Xing and Linkedin. One more click to attach a cover letter: and off you go! It’s easy enough for anyone to apply. But no matter how many applications you get, they will be all under control with our automated status updates system. Once you are choosing between candidates, the commenting and rating features will help you to reach the right decision in collaboration with your colleagues.

The new user interface will bring you new, innovative features to help you enhance the main asset of any great business: the team. Speaking of teams, our developers are working very hard and doing a great job! In a short while, they will introduce all of the above features. So bear with us for a moment, we are tripping the switch to launch brand new softgarden soon!

For more info on our new user interface check softgarden.com!

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