Did You Know These 10 Shocking Employee Engagements Facts? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did You Know These 10 Shocking Employee Engagements Facts? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Employee engagement is a subject we bandy about a lot here at softgarden HQ, primarily because it’s a topic close to our hearts – we’re one of those typical startups who appreciate free coffee and snacks to keep us happy at work.


However, asides from the fact that we like to indulge in certain employee engagement tactics, it’s a subject we often discuss here because it’s so vital to staff retention, something which we’re constantly trying to improve for our clients through better recruiting practices.

So, after stumbling across this Infographic from the clever people over at Officevibe we figured this is something we need to share, because employee engagement is serious business – it’s the key to a successful company.

For example, did you know that only 12% of employees leave a company for more money elsewhere? This is in comparison to 89% of employers who think that their staff primarily jump ship for fatter pay cheques.

The truth is 75% of people don’t leave their jobs, they leave their employers. Most of the time, a little extra feedback can make the difference, or simply sharing the company goals to create a sense of unity. We all want to feel part of something, the office is no different.

Take a look at the infographic from Officevibe and see if you can spot any employee engagement no-no’s that are happening in your office – and let us know if you have any more to share!

10 Shocking Statistics About Employee Engagement

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