Job Applications – what time is the right time?

Job Applications – what time is the right time?

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The early bird catches the worm, or so we thought until we asked our clients for some feedback on their job application statistics. It appears that most popular time for job seekers to apply for a position is around 11am, with a second peak in job applications around 4 in the afternoon.


Late Starters

The hourly number of job applications doesn’t begin to rise until around 7am when it peaks dramatically over the next few hours. Far from being early birds it appears that today’s job seekers don’t mind taking their time, reportedly applying to the majority of open positions around 11 am.

Good News for Employers

Assuming that most candidates will spend a little time browsing before beginning their job applications, we can deduct that the best time for recruiters to post jobs is around 9-10am – great news for employers who need to squeeze in another coffee before posting their new vacancies!

Night Owls

Asides from a midday ‘lunch break’ slump the number of job applications per hour stays at its peak until around 4pm, when it begins a steady decline until 9 in the evening. From thereon the numbers fall until one last final drop at midnight. For more tips and reruitment statistics keep an eye on our topical blog.

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