Automatic reminder for your candidates

Automatic reminder for your candidates

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New information technologies provide a huge range of possibilities to get reminded about things on your to-do list. Since the introduction of the iPhone, push-messages have become ubiquitous. So why don’t we use such useful messages during the recruiting process?

Let’s get to the point! Surely you put a lot of effort in your online activity. You have a facebook page, you use twitter, and you optimised your ranking on search engines. You did all this in order to increase web traffic and to get the attention of candidates. We guess that the effort was worth it. New candidates clicked on your website to get some information about your company. The journey of the candidate even brings him to your job board. But at this point the candidate realises that there is no vacancy for his desired position.

An automatic reminder for your recruiting process


We confess, at this point we are are also helpless. There is no guarantee for a suitable position. But in this case it should be your intention to ensure the candidate remembers you. You could offer him the possibility to leave his e-mail address so he can automatically get information about future vacancies.

This allows you to reach potential candidates easily and it improves the recruiting experience for you and the candidate. The candidate gets a nice recruiting experience when he gets informed about future vacancies. Your software sends it automatically and without any effort on your part. And you as a recruiter are able to present your vacancies to a big group of potenial candidates.
What do you think about the advantages of such reminders?

Picture source: Flickr/ Nicolasnova

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