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Fight your time-to-hire!

Not finding the right candidate for the required starting date is a big problem within recruiting. We admit that a professional recruiting software cannot guarantee that the required deadline is met but we are sure that it can reduce the…

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E-mail chaos: now like water under the bridge

Do you have documents from your candidates scattered in different e-mails? It’s normal for candidates to not send their complete documents with the first e-mail: in many cases something is missing which means that you or your HR associates have…

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Central data storage within the recruiting process

E-recruiting systems provide you with an overview of the entire recruiting process. In practice, it happens that many documents belonging to a single candidate are scattered in different mails and folders. It quickly becomes complicated if you have to sort…

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Looking for a job at your company should be easy

Put yourself in a candidate’s position. You are looking for a job and are searching different websites for interesting vacancies. You find an exciting company and you click through the complicated criteria list. Very often you have to choose criteria…

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Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience is not a new buzzword, but it has also not yet been overused and that’s good. Because we still see tremendous potential to improve the candidate experience, this is one of the topics we deal with in our…

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Hire the best candidates with fast recruiting processes

Collaborative recruiting thanks to mobile app for hiring managers


Inspire candidates with authentic employer reviews

Create a convincing career page in no time at all

Employer Branding

Attract candidates from the network of your employees

Active sourcing in a pool of actively searching candidates

Work together with external agencies and headhunters and evaluate success rates